Commercial and Industrial property in Florida can be a good investment, either vacant or with improvements. Investors over the years have made their fortunes buying and holding or improving their Florida purchases.

Investment in Florida commercial or industrial property can be risky but with diligent research on the part of the Buyer and assistance from a knowledgeable real estate brokerage office, it can prove to be a good investment.

The Buyer may want to purchase vacant property for an investment and hold it for a future sale or the intent may be to start a new business and build to meet your needs or build leasing or warehouse space.

Determination of your needs as to size, potential use, highway frontage, current future land use designation, soils, drainage, susceptible to flooding, current highway traffic pattern.

Florida has two main highways going through Polk County. US Highway 27 is the main North/South corridor and intersects 1-4 which runs between Tampa and the Orlando/Disney area.

State Road 60 is the main East/West corridor in the state and both highways are in the process of adding additional lanes.

Both highways are included in the Polk Parkway proposed construction if funding can be available.

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