Waterfront property in Florida has always been a good investment. Many buyers want waterfront with a home, waterfront land for a future home or just for recreation.

A buyer will want to determine the elevation of the land, soils, check to see if it is in the 100 year flood plain, portions controlled by the water management district, permission to build a dock, limitations as to the size of a boat or motor, legal ingress/egress, building permit available.

If the waterfront property is to be utilized for an agricultural purpose you should determine if animals are permitted to access the water and if not, type agricultural fencing required. We would be happy to assist you with any questions you might have.

Buyers purchasing an existing waterfront homes will want to check the source for drinking water and probably have the local Health Dept. check the well, determine if it requires flood insurance and have the property surveyed, preferably by a surveyor who has surveyed it before or local to the area and familiar with the lake.

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