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Hurricaine reimburse, HLB and Peace River

News today confirming that Florida citrus growers and associated citrus business will soon be eligible to apply for damages from hurricane Irma.

Citrus growers sustained damage to trees, loss of crop and damage to their buildings and equipment.

These losses, in addition to the problems and expense of controlling HLB “Greening” have created extreme financial problems for Florida growers and associated businesses. More information is available on this web site or contact your local county agent.

Citrus Greening and Guava leaf/ HLB

Researchers are constantly working on programs to reduce the damage by HLB or to possibly eliminate the damage to the trees. Most of this research is being done in Brazil.

A recent program is working with Guava trees in the grove and/or the leaf.

Florida Water Resources

The State of Florida is becoming more and more concerned about water storage and preservation of land to hold our water supply and recharge the aquifer.

Recently concerns arose as Port Charlotte applied for a permit to increase their “draw” from the Peace River which originates at the junction of Saddle Creek and Peace Creek northeast of Bartow in Polk County and flows south through Fort Meade (Polk County) Hardee County to Arcadia in DeSoto County and then southwest into the Charlotte Harbor.

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