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Central Florida is on the move again.

The Department of Transportation is scheduling major improvements in the Lake Wales area.

The intersection and overpass at US 27 and SR 60 is getting an overhaul and will include some 4 lane going a short distance on SR 60.

US 27 will have additional lanes South of SR 60 and review is in process to try and improve the traffic congestion North of Lake Wales in the Haines City area.

The growth along this corridor is such that these changes are very important.

There is also renewed interest in the Polk Parkway and this will impact property that I have listed on SR 60 West of Lake Wales and US 27 South of CR 540 (Cypress Gardens Rd.)

I am very pleased to see more interest in Conservation easements. They are intended to control development in more rural areas of the State, preserve “Old Florida”, save water retention areas and protect plant species and wild life.

The advantage is that a rancher can continue grazing cattle, hunting and enjoyment of nature as they have always done.

We’re seeing a lot of diversification in the Citrus Industry.

Research is ongoing to eliminate or reduce the effects of “Greening” and developing new varieties that are not as susceptible to this disease.

Such research includes mulching, variation in irrigation systems, change in PH of irrigation water, introduction of certain ground covers to improve soil, huge enclosed shelters for production and maintenance of crops inside this protection.

The Solar Energy field is going crazy! Companies are actively looking for acreage to install solar fields on either land they purchase or lease.

Larger tracts of commercial and industrial lands are becoming less available. I am fortunate to have over 100 acres available on SR 17 South of Bartow, FL and North of Fort Meade. It is a real advantage to have property permitting these uses to be located in areas that do not negatively affect residential areas and that also have utilities available.
Lego Land is expanding in the Winter Haven area and this growth is drawing other business to the US 27 corridor between I-4 and SR 60.

Changes are happening in the farmland areas and we are seeing introduction of many vegetables and foliage that have never been grown in this Central Florida area. Many of these operations are now being conducted on former orange and grapefruit grove sites.