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The projected growth pattern in Polk County

The projected growth pattern in Polk County and Central Florida seems hard to believe for the population who have been born here or have migrated from other states or countries many years ago.

The potential for retirees is unlimited as there are great communities which are 55+ and other visitors or new residents may be leaving an agricultural business or background and they still have that “in their blood”! They might be looking for that ultimate dream, nice little piece of land on a nice lake, fruit trees, vegetable garden, close to shopping, medical facilities, libraries, theatres and a house that can accommodate the visiting relatives and grandchildren.

The main highways in Florida are I-95 on the East coast, I-75 Central FL and portions of the West coast. US 27 is the main interior North-South artery and SR 60 is the main East-West highway. All of these highways are being repaired, additional lanes installed and it looks like the Central Florida Parkway may be at least partially on track!

Those of us living here may complain about traffic, a few bumps in the road but all and all, our highway system is the envy of many other states. I am so glad to be a part of all of this and my motto has become “Own Florida”. I am available to help anyone achieve that goal.

Adsit Co., Inc., Mary L. Adsit, Realtor has been selling land in Florida since 1974. If you would like to “Own Florida”, don’t hesitate to Contact us.