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$ 350,000.00

150 Lake Moody Rd S, Frostproof fl 33843


  • Additional Features: The property has considerable frontage on South Lake Moody Rd. and this road fronts the Lake. Would certainly be a good location for a home with a lake view or with review of requirements, may possibly put a dock and boathouse on the lake side? Potential for division to 5 acre tracts.


350-C350-CThis citrus grove package is about 31 acres and fruit is a combination of Hamlin and Valencia oranges. (Even has an Avocado tree!) The NW boundary of the property fronts on South Lake Moody Road, a good fishing lake. The lake is just across from paved South Lake Moody Rd. and a buyer could use this area for a nice home and continue citrus on the balance of the acreage or perhaps even consider some alternative crops. These are alternatives but you will not find a much better location, soils or irrigation facilities! There will be advances in controlling “Greening” and you would work hard to duplicate this location. The property runs South all the way from South Lake Moody Rd. to paved Mullinsville Rd. There is a 10 acre parcel on Holloway Rd. which runs North from Mullinsville Rd. Future land use is A/RR (Residential/Rural) 5 acre tracts if complying with road frontage provisions. Soils are Candler, one of the more desirable citrus soils. Elevations are about 131 ft. above sea level sloping toward Lake Moody. This is considered a warm area for citrus. Rootstocks are Swingle and Carrizo and the property is comprised of 4 separate parcels. Tree settings are 30 x 12.5 ft. on the majority of the property and the most Easterly block is 30’x12.5 ft. The property is serviced by a 12 inch well with a John Deere Diesel powered engine with a 500 gallon fuel tank. The well is permitted until 2029 and irrigates the entire property at 1 time. Irrigation is micro-jet and this system includes a quality fertilizer injection system for liquid fertilizer and other desired liquids. This well is adequate to sell water to an adjoining grove owner if someone chose to do so or ideal for increasing density for new plantings. NOTE: The owner plans to reset the Valencia area in 2018. The owner has increased the price on the grove based on the location and the fact that there are few groves and locations like this on the market. Price just changed to $ 300,000.–NET TO SELLER.