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Buying land in Florida can be approached in a number of ways.

If you are not familiar with Florida and the area you are interested in, it might be best if you contact a Realtor in that area that specializes in the type property you are looking at.

That Realtor can locate property for you, represent you as a Buyer’s Broker, obtain all available information as to size, current land use designation, soils, availability of water, determine legal access, assist with type crops, animals and other uses you may have in mind.

A Realtor can give you suggestions as to various ways to obtain financing, possibly provide you with a list of local banking facilities, etc.

It is not uncommon for a Seller to hold a mortgage on property they are selling and this may result in possibly better or more convenient terms than a bank or other lending facility may require. Some Sellers may even prefer to enter into a lease/purchase agreement that would assist them in their tax or estate planning. This approach is sometimes helpful to a buyer as well, especially if they are selling something themselves and it has not closed or finalized.

The population in Florida is steadily increasing and it is anticipated that the value of land will increase and possibly more stringent demands from the government as to permitted uses.

Leasing land or land with improvements can be a good investment as many Buyers need a property that meets their needs “right now”!

Undeveloped Commercial and Industrial land designations are becoming more infrequent, especially on high traffic highways.

Investors who prefer land to the stock market often select this route and either divide it or develop portions for sale or lease.

The land will always be here but the stock market can have some real variations.

The highways in Florida include Local, State, US and Interstate and many visitors consider them superior to other states.

Traffic can be a problem, and this is the reason they are increasing the lanes on US 27 in the Lake Wales area and moving forward with portions of the Central Polk Parkway which should give some relief to traffic concerns.

The TPO has support from the Florida Turnpike Enterprise and the Florida Department of Transportation. If funding becomes available, they hope to break ground on a new toll road in 2024 that is expected to cost more than $200 million, although an exact figure isn’t available yet.

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